Sunday, Feb. 18: What is Consciousness? A Public Lecture featuring Richard Smoley

Consciousness is one of today’s hottest topics but many questions are swirling around it. Is consciousness produced in the brain? Can it survive physical death? Where and how did consciousness arise in the first place? As a matter of fact, just what is consciousness anyway?

In his book,¬†The Dice Game of Shiva: How Consciousness Creates the Universe, Smoley tells us that in the Hindu tradition, “Shiva represents consciousness . . . that is, consciousness in a sense much more universal than mere human awareness. . . . Consciousness is now revealed as being present anywhere and everywhere in the universe; our own consciousness is simply one particular, and not necessarily privileged, form of it.”

In this engaging, easy-to-understand presentation, Richard Smoley will explore the questions of consciousness and point to some possible answers. Richard is an award-winning author and the editor of Quest magazine, the journal of the Theosophical Soceity.

Richard Smoley to lecture Sunday, Feb. 18.

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