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Theosophical Society Phoenix Study Group June 2016 Newsletter



Summer Time – and the Livin’ is Easy – Or at least that’s how the song goes from the play Porgy and Bess. Sometimes living isn’t so easy. As seekers we often struggle to find our truth; to seek out the ‘real’ from the ‘unreal’ and know our life’s purpose.

In our attempts to know ourselves and discover who we are, many people turn to the various religions – of which there are many – to uncover the truths they might offer. But all too often we see the divisions in these religions, and the ongoing wars that have seemed to be a mark of religions for several thousand years. However, it’s no different today than when H.P. Blavatsky wrote her first treatise, Isis Unveiled, in 1877. In Volume II of this two-volume tome, we read:

And now, with Pilate, let us inquire, ‘What is truth?’ Where is it to be searched for amid this multitude of warring sects? Each claims to be based upon divine revelation, and each to have the keys of the celestial gates. Are any in possession of this rare truth? Or, must we exclaim with the Buddhist philosopher, ‘There is but one truth on earth, and it is unchangeable: and this is – that there is no truth on it.” (Isis Unveiled, pg. 2, italics Blavatsky’s)

This also reminds us of Blavatsky’s famous saying, There is no religion higher than truth.”

And of course

J. Krishnamurti’s saying: Truth is a pathless land.”

At our May 15 members’ meeting, we had a grand discussion about truth and what it is, and ultimately decided, as Blavatsky mentioned, that only the immutable, unchangeable can be Truth, and that this Truth is most likely different for each one of us from our own unique perspective. But this is why we are Theosophists! We know that truth is truth wherever we find it and that no one person, no one religion or spiritual tradition or esoteric organization has a lock on the truth.

The most wonderful thing about the Theosophical Society and Blavatsky’s writings is that it encourages each of us along our life’s path to seek out these truths that can be found in many places – from Eastern philosophies, Hermetic works, Kabbalah to Christianity — from many times – ancient to modern. So that is what we study. The doors that Theosophy studies open are amazing!

We don’t claim to have all the answers – but certainly encourage the questions! If we question enough, we will eventually find the answers – our personal truth that will guide us along the path to our ultimate knowledge: that of ourselves.

The Oracle of Delphi: Know Thyself


Books for the Upcoming Study Year —

During the next study year (end of September 2016 thru May 2017) we will be taking up a new study: Ravi Ravindra’s book The Wisdom of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, (the first Sunday of each month), and Robert Ellwood’s book THEOSOPHY: A Modern Expression of the Wisdom of the Ages, that we will be studying the 3rd Sunday of each month. Both of these books are well-written and are easy to understand. We hope you’ll join us and participate in these exciting member meetings. For information on how to join, please visit our registration page .

New Introductory Study Meetings

In the company study year, we are going to begin offering an introductory class each month focused on the topic of Theosophy. The first meeting will look at “Theosophy: What Is It? A free booklet by that title will be given out to attendees. It will be a great opportunity to gain an understanding of Theosophy and the various major topics that it encompasses.

Watch for the upcoming schedule that we’ll send out the first of September for both member meetings and the introductory classes.

Summer Break —

Our Phoenix Study Group will be having a summer break until the end of September, but we will keep in touch with you through these newsletters. We may decide to have one Summer get-together just to stay in touch with each other, and we will let you know where and when that will take place if we decide to have this.

Any questions? Need more information? Contact Clare Goldsberry: 602-996-6499 ( or Sherry Pelton at