Theosophical Society Phoenix Study Group July 2016 Newsletter

Theosophical Society Phoenix Study Group June 2016 Newsletter

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News from abroad:

Please join in the TOS Campaign for Kindness \r\nHere’s how it works: the entire year of 2018, becomes a canvas for your acts of kindness, large or small. You can structure it any way you like.\r\n\r\nPerhaps you join in a community project.. Find one by clicking here.\r\nPerhaps you devote a week to carrying a bag on your daily walk, picking up at least one piece of litter per day. Or maybe it\'s seven pieces per day--whatever is comfortable for you.\r\nMaybe you commit to one act of kindness each day during the year, even if it\'s just making eye contact and smiling at someone, holding the elevator, letting a driver into your lane, sending a comforting thought, etc.\r\nMaybe some of your family members or co-workers would like to join you in performing acts of kindness.\r\n\r\nThe size of the act doesn\'t matter. What matters is that it comes from your heart and feels ...
Joy Mills (October 9, 1920 - December 29, 2015)\r\nWe are sad to announce the passing of Joy Mills at the Krotona Institute in Ojai, California at 10:35 am. She served as President of the Theosophical Society in America from 1965–1974, and then as international Vice President in Adyar, India from 1974–1980. During 75 years of membership, Joy taught numerous courses, lectured in over 50 countries and authored several important books. We will miss her keen mind, her insightful teaching, and her example of lifelong dedication to Theosophy.
Our Theosophical encyclopedia is expanding into French, Spanish, and Russian! Click on to track our progress and learn how to help.\r\n    \r\n \r\n \r\n 
If you\'re an Amazon shopper, please support us by shopping through our AmazonSmile account.\r\nSimply go to Amazon through the link below and make your purchases as usual. Amazon will then donate a portion of your purchase price to the Theosophical Society.\r\n\r\nYou can also add a bookmark to make it easy to use AmazonSmile each time you shop on Amazon.\r\nThank you for your continued support!
November 13, 2015, Wheaton, IL. – The publication of our November 2015 release, The Body and Its Symbolism: A Kabbalistic Approach by Annick de Souzenelle, marks the last new title the Quest Books imprint will publish for the commercial market. All Quest Books titles currently in print will continue to be available through the same channels as before and will continue to be reprinted and made easily available for years to come. All Theosophical Publishing House (TPH) titles produced in the US or India will continue to be available. The only change for long-time customers and supporters will be that our annual production of 10 - 12 new books will come to an end.
Salt Lake City, Utah October 15-19\r\nThe Theosophical Society was instrumental in organizing the very first Parliament of the World\'s Religions, which was held in 1893 where Annie Besant was a keynote speaker. One hundred years later, the Theosophical Society was also involved in the planning for the Centenary, which was held in Chicago. The Parliament of the World\'s Religions seeks to promote interreligious harmony among the world\'s religious and spiritual communities. The most recent Parliament was held in October 2015 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Representing the Theosophical Society in America were Claradene Wycoff, Peggy Heubel, and David Bruce.\r\nTo enlarge, click on first picture and then click the \"next\" arrow.\r\n{gallery}stories/parliment{/gallery}
\r\n \r\nThe successful and inspiring 139th  International Convention of the Theosophical Society- Adyar has finished. The good thing is that all of us can watch the talks at any time that is convenient Visit this link to see a list of all the talks:“Theosophy in a Changing World”
\r\nOn Sunday, April 27, the votes were counted for the election of the new International President of the Theosophical Society. Tim Boyd was elected. He is the TS\'s eighth president since the Society\'s founding in 1875. 
Tim Boyd, president of the Theosophical Society in America, has been nominated to run for president of the international TS, headquartered in Adyar, Chennai, India. The position had been vacated by the death of the previous president, Radha Burnier, on October 31. The nomination was made after the annual meeting of the TS’s international General Council at Adyar in late December. Tim was nominated by fifteen members of the TS’s general council including the general secretaries (presidents) of East and Central Africa, Australia, Brazil, Cuba, England, Finland, France, India, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, and the U.S.
We are trying to get in touch with TS members in Ormoc, Leyte, to see whether we can organize distribution of food and necessities in Leyte. We were informed by Ulysses Lumangtad that the Lumangtad family is all right in Ormoc, but no information on the others. One quick way to help is to purchase goods in Cebu and ship them to Ormoc by boat. We can ask TS members of Cebu to help in arranging the purchase and shipment of the goods, and for Ormoc members to help in distribution. We have already received donations for this purpose.For others who would like to donate, below is the TOS account number which was posted by Dr. Rosel Doval Santos earlier: